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Der MetaTrader 5 (MT5) ist die weltweit beliebteste Multi-Asset-Plattform von Tradern und Investoren, wenn es um den Handel von Forex, CFDs und anderen​. Trading mit MetaTrader 5. Die neueste Version aus der Serie der MetaTrader-​Handelsplattformen, MT5, ist eine hochmoderne, multifunktionale Plattform, die. PipFinite Trend PRO MT5 by Karlo Wilson Vendiola. 98 USD. RocketEA MT5 by SERGEI RIEBIN. USD. Boss EA MT5 by SERGEI RIEBIN. USD.

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Forum and Portal Support. Last Post: More than once in our life we Contests by MT5 Forum. GBPUSD has never hide its intentions in the past few weeks, this asset made the great buy last month with the peak at 1.

With that, GBPUSD will do less of earn if it tries to buy, i will like to say that the best take profits level for today trading is at the middle band of daily chart BB indicator at 1.

Trade with management and safety, good luck. AHT's - Trading journal Hello everyone! I am also fine here. After Eid i come back in my trading.

Hope this days will good for me and all. Now i want to share my trading idea about the gbpchf pair and my trade also running with loss in this pair.

Details analysis on the chart and best of luck. Today i open one more trade at USDJPY pair, because from last two days this pair continued to created bullish candle and also today it start with bullish candle too, so that i am expecting it will continue to move on upside and from weekly chart i see last week it was on big bearish candle but during ending time it moving to the upside, so that i think there are more possibility to go upside more until reaching Hope my withdraw will be complete very soon than I will take my new entry and I will share on my journal.

I show on daily chart after reject the 1. What are you thinking about my analysis?? Thanks for visit my journal hope it's will be continue.

Best of good trading. Kalex's - Trading Journal 2 Good morning all of you. Its a very humid weather here and over that the fear of Coronavirus making the situation worst.

CL is working as per my analysis. CL Analysis :- As per my analysis CL is in the bullish mode and thus from the 39 level it bounced towards the I feel that there is a possibility to break the short term down channel and the oil can touch the If that fails we can see more downside and the slide may even come towards Though the current level is little Critical as per my analysis.

I'm really unhappy with trading. Again I have to concentrate to take good back money. My target was small but to achieve that I have lost my second account balance.

I have to wait again till Friday. With a big lot who bought the price the might be could not safe their account. But gold came up above his support, creating bullish engulfing patterns using h4 chart.

But when gold reach around he could not do any good. Stochastic is pointing that price could be crossed over. I think gold has already started buying volume when I summarized all indicators indications.

Interlock's - Trading journal Dear friend, I am very sorry that you are facing loss, but you should not have opened the trade in a hurry, you should have done some patience, I think if you do not trade on it then it is better to trade on gold.

I think you can still buy gold, it can give you a good profit, you should not have to train on Euro usd So I think you should not do stoploss at all right now, you will have to wait, you will definitely get beaten up and according to my analysis, if you do a little patience then maybe the market can come back.

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The phrase "the second wave of the epidemic" in recent days is more and more common in the European press. The German doctors' union, in particular, believes that Germany is already going through the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, while scientists from France predict a surge in the incidence in the autumn-winter period.

In Spain, the incidence rate among the population increased from 7 cases per thousand inhabitants at the end of June when the period of strict quarantine expired to 58 cases per thousand population at the end of July.

An increase in the number of cases was also reported in Switzerland. And although not all experts agree that now we can talk about a second wave of the pandemic most experts expect it in the second half of autumn , they all agree that the weakening of restrictive measures has led to local so far outbreaks of disease.

At this price boundary, buyers and sellers are fighting a positional battle: for the development of the southern impulse, the bears need to pull the price below the 1.

In this case, the pair will sell even more actively, which will allow it to go down to the powerful support level of 1.

In other words, at the moment the pair is at a crossroads, so to speak, on "neutral territory". The current fundamental background does not allow the euro to dominate the pair, but the dollar also looks quite helpless.

Investors are clearly in no hurry to invest in the dollar, given the epidemiological situation in the United States and political battles in Congress, whose members cannot find a common denominator on the issue of additional financial assistance.

At the same time, macroeconomic statistics now play a secondary role. It particularly became known today that the volume of industrial orders in the United States in June increased by 6.

And although here we are observing negative dynamics in May this figure came out at around 7. However, traders completely ignored this release, indicating their position to the macroeconomic reports.

If the surges in the incidence continue to be local in nature with a simultaneous increase in the number of infected in the US , buyers of the pair will have a good reason to enter the 18th figure.

He added that there are also "small improvements" in the epicenters of the spread of coronavirus that is, in the southern and western states of the country.

At the same time, judging by the dynamics of the dollar index, the market became skeptical about Trump's statements.

Moreover, the American press has already criticized Trump. According to some experts, the president took too short a time period to draw conclusions about any trends.

The fundamentals are too ambiguous, so both buying and selling look risky. For the second day, the pair fluctuates within the 17th figure, but is actually marking time, waiting for an information driver.

I believe that in the near future the pendulum will swing to one side, defining a mid-term trend. Both sellers and buyers of the European currency achieved their goals yesterday, and in general, the trading day brought a fairly good profit, as all the signals worked in a positive way.

In my forecast for the second half of the day, I analyzed the deal at the 1. If we look at the 5-minute chart, we will see that approximately the same situation and a false breakout formed in the support area of 1.

In this regard, the technical picture has not changed in any way. The Commitment of Traders COT report for July 28 recorded a sharp increase in long positions and only a small increase in short ones, which tells us about the continued interest of investors in risky assets amid confusion that is happening in the US due to the coronavirus and the presidential election.

The report shows an increase in long non-commercial positions from , to ,, while short non-commercial positions have grown only from 79, to 84, As a result, the positive non-commercial net position sharply jumped to ,, up from , a week earlier, indicating increased interest in buying risky assets even at current high prices.

As for today's intraday strategy, the bulls' continue to focus on the 1. Most likely, they will still be able to repel it in the first half of the day, which will form a signal to buy the euro, since important fundamental data will not be released today, except for data on producer prices in the eurozone.

Active growth of the indicator will allow the bulls to get beyond 1. The long-term goal is still a weekly high of 1. The bears will defend the resistance of 1.

A false breakout forming in this range after the release of data on producer prices in the eurozone will be a signal to sell the euro.

The goal of bears in this scenario will be to support 1. A further area will be the low of 1. If the pair shows growth in the first half of the day, it is possible to open short positions on a rebound from the resistance of 1.

Trading is carried out just below the 30 and 50 moving averages, which indicates a downward correction forming in the short term. The breakout of the upper border of the indicator in the area of 1.

In case the pair falls, support will be provided by the lower border of the indicator in the area of 1. For most of the first trading day of the week, the European currency continued to adjust.

Thus, we have witnessed the biggest correction in the past month. If the former, then sellers will finally get a real chance to start forming a downward trend.

We have repeatedly stated that the situation in the US continues to be very difficult, however, traders have repeatedly played it back, as only in the last month, the euro rose by 7 cents, and a few weeks before that by another 6.

Thus, just two and a half months of increased pandemics in America and mass riots, the US dollar lost positions by about 12 cents.

For comparison, with a favorable fundamental background for the whole of , the dollar rose by 2 cents against the euro. Thus, we are almost sure that the euro currency will now start to fall significantly, since at the moment this currency is already heavily overbought.

At a minimum, you need to see a major correction before the upward movement can resume. Of course, if the situation in the United States does not change for the better, the euro will continue to rise in price, but not immediately and so sharply.

On Monday, August 3, in the EU countries, business activity indices in manufacturing sectors were published.

In Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the EU as a whole, business activity indices exceeded the forecast values and all amounted to more than Unfortunately, the fact that the spheres of production and services are currently recovering it simply can't be otherwise, since quarantines and lockdowns have been canceled was already known to everyone without these reports, so the indices had no effect.

No more publications were planned in the European Union for yesterday. Meanwhile, despite the fact that the US dollar has started to get more expensive, the situation with "coronavirus" in the US is not improving.

As of Monday, there were only 4. Every day, thousand new cases continue to be recorded, and the total number of deaths is already thousand.

Health experts predict that another 40, deaths from the "coronavirus" will be recorded in August. Deborah Birks, coordinator of the White House working group on the fight against coronavirus, said on Monday: "We are in a new phase.

The current situation is different from what we had in March and April. The virus has spread enormously both in rural areas and in cities. However, it is difficult to disagree with her, recalling all of Trump's statements about the virus, starting in March.

Now it is also difficult to disagree with the fact that the "coronavirus" practically puts an end to Trump's hopes of re-election to a second term, since Americans believe that the current government has not coped with the epidemic.

Well, the more attention to the epidemic and the more victims and cases of the disease, the more Trump's chances of winning fall. Thus, it is very profitable for the US president to spread misinformation about the virus and its scale in the US, especially given the fact that misinforming for Trump is an absolutely habitual occupation.

We are reminded of research by major media outlets that counted more than 20, cases of misinformation from Trump during his entire term as president.

Also, the United States is now faced with a new serious problem concerning assistance to the American economy.

On July 31, payments of unemployment benefits allowances that were agreed to by the previous stimulus package ended. Now Democrats and Republicans need to agree on a new aid package.

Republicans believe that such large allowances deprive the unemployed of motivation to look for a new job, since often the total unemployment benefit significantly exceeds their wages.

According to Republicans, such payments will not allow the unemployed to descend into poverty, but will motivate them to look for work, and not sit on unemployment benefits forever.

It is reported that about 20 million unemployed people are currently registered in America. However, according to congressional speaker Nancy Pelosi, "Saturday's talks were productive," so there is hope that the aid package will still be accepted.

In this situation, we must recognize that the Republican's proposal looks more reasonable and logical in the current conditions, since in difficult times for the country, you need to "tighten your belt", and not throw money right and left.

On Tuesday, August 4, no important macroeconomic information will be available to traders. The EU and US event calendar is empty.

Thus, traders will trade based on technical factors we discussed them in the first paragraph , as well as pay attention to the general fundamental background, which remains completely in favor of the US currency.

We believe that technical factors are stronger at this time, as buyers have started to take profits on long positions. This means that you will need very good reasons to force them to make new purchases of the European currency near two-year highs.

Thus, we expect the pair to move today between the levels of 1. The upward reversal of the Heiken Ashi indicator signals the end of the downward correction within the framework of the continuing upward trend.

Thus, at this time, it is recommended to continue to consider the possibility of opening purchases with the goals of 1. It is recommended to open sell orders no earlier than when the pair is fixed below the moving average line with the first targets of 1.

At the same time, volume of production remains significantly below pre-crisis levels, and the employment indicator came out below forecasts, amounting to Most likely, the recent rise in USD was a one-time reaction to some improvement in situation in the US, but given the degree of oversold in dollar, it is possible that a long period of recovery may follow.

This is because this week, it is expected that reports on the national economy will reflect some improvement in figures, especially since businesses have opened and people have resumed work in July, even amid worsening epidemiological conditions in some major US states.

Obviously, the White House must come to terms with the Democrats as soon as possible, so as not to damage business confidence and forecast for economic growth.

Moreover, the market seems to be hoping for an agreement to be reached soon. However, it recovered abruptly afterwards.

Experts from Saxo Bank commented on this, saying that the euro possesses too fast and strong dynamics, despite failing to gain a foothold above The pound sterling has managed to recoup almost all of the losses it suffered against the US dollar following a sell-off in the midst of the pandemic panic in March.

Its recovery has been particularly impressive in recent weeks. However, experts warn that the strengthening of the pound should be treated with caution.

According to them, the confirmation of the fact that the weakness of the dollar is the main driving force behind the growth of the sterling is the dynamics of the British currency against the euro and yen.

However, the pair failed to develop the upward dynamics above this resistance level. A rise in new cases of COVID infection in the UK, concerns about a lockdown in London, and the lack of progress in Brexit negotiations are putting pressure on the pound.

The regulator is expected to adhere to cautious rhetoric due to the uncertainty of the prospects for the national economy, given the risks of a second wave of pandemic and a possible increase in the country's unemployment rate after the end of the employment preservation program on October Any hint of negative interest rates from the Bank of England will lead to a sharp downward reversal of the pound, analysts say.

Along with overbought conditions, this promises an early completion of the rally in the pound. However, immediate bullish rebound has been expressed around the price level of 1.

Further bullish advancement was expressed towards 1. Short-term bearish movement was expressed, initial bearish targets were located around 1.

Significant bullish rejection was originated around 1. Earlier Yesteday, significant bearish rejection was demonstrated around the price level of 1.

Hence, upcoming bearish reversal should be expected provided that early bearish breakout occurs below 1. Technical traders are advised to wait for any upcoming bearish breakdown below 1.

On the other hand, bullish persistence above 1. Shortly after, a sideway consolidation range was established in the price range extending between 1.

On May 14, evident signs of Bullish rejection as well as a recent ascending bottom have been manifested around the price zone of 1. Bullish breakout above 1.

Hence, Bearish persistence below 1. Instead, the current bullish breakout above 1. That's why, further bullish advancement pursued towards 1.

Bullish persistence above 1. On the other hand, bearish re-closure below 1. Conservative traders should wait for the current bullish movement to pause and get back below 1.

On June 11, a major resistance level was formed around 1. However, recent negative fundamental data from the U. Intraday traders should be considering the current breakdown of the depicted short-term uptrend line.

A Breakdown below the price level of 1. Estimated targets would be located around 1. On the other hand, Conservative traders should be waiting for a bullish pullback to retest the backside of the broken short-term uptrend for another SELL Position with a lower risk.

A predominant rise was recorded on the Asia-Pacific stock exchanges on Tuesday. The main indicators were encouraged by the rapid growth of their American counterparts, which made them also move to positive dynamics almost everywhere with rare exceptions.

It should be borne in mind that the growth of American indices was provided by statistics on the level of economic development in the country, which turned out to be much better than the preliminary forecasts of analysts.

Moreover, the increase in the number of COVID patients, which continues to grow rapidly, seems to have faded into the background for investors as they have ceased to react so sharply to it.

Market participants expressed hope that in the near future the US will be able to control the spread of the virus, which will slightly improve the economic situation and make the recession not as deep as previously thought.

Hope alone is still enough for the stock markets to feel relief and start to mark growth. However, along with this, alarming notes remain about the continuation of the pandemic, which may ultimately weaken the economy, which will be reflected in the next portion of statistics.

Japan's Nikkei rose 1. The growth took place after the news of a possible consensus in the negotiation process on stimulus measures in the US.

In addition, European statistics in the manufacturing sector also affected the indicator as a balm for the soul.

China's Shanghai Composite Index rose 0. South Korea's Kospi also rose significantly by 1. As it became known, prices increased by 0. It should be noted that this is the highest inflation rate that has been recorded since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Nevertheless, preliminary forecasts of analysts were more gloomy: they claimed that the growth would be at least 0. This did not happen, which was good news for the markets.

This growth was supported by the results of the meeting of the country's main regulator - the Reserve Bank, during which the quite expected decision was made to keep the interest rate at a record low level of 0.

However, representatives of the bank noted that active economic recovery is taking place throughout the region, which may become the basis for revising the key rate in the future.

Positive statistics were also recorded in the economy. Thus, the level of Australian retail sales increased by 2. Analysts expected growth, but less, by about 2.

Recall that in May this figure has already increased significantly rising by Australia's trade surplus was also marked by growth.

It was able to reach 8. However, experts predicted an increase to 8. In a similar scenario, the US stocks were also marked by rapid growth in all directions.

At the same time, in some cases, it was even possible to beat previously recorded records. Thus, the Nasdaq Composite stock indicator again stepped over its previous record and reached a new maximum value.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was able to rise 0. By the end of Monday's trading, it was around 3, Nasdaq Composite has again topped the growth and increased by 1.

Its current level is located at around 10, In addition, the index of business activity in the manufacturing sector of the US for the second month of this summer increased to European stock exchanges, on the other hand, started the trading day without much enthusiasm: the dynamics are not too high, and there is no general vector of change.

Market participants gave an ambiguous assessment of corporate statistics, which was reflected in the multidirectional movement of the main stock indicators.

Yesterday's trading session was more than successful for European stock indices: they rose significantly against the backdrop of excellent statistics, which encouraged market participants.

Thus, the overall PMI index in the manufacturing sector, which includes nineteen countries in the region, managed to reach In June, the index was only However, the traditionally difficult month for the stock market lies ahead.

Nevertheless, it all boils down to the fact that this year there will be fewer cataclysms, since the main trends did not show significant shifts, and securities did not collapse and did not grow rapidly, which would indicate an imbalance in the market.

The general index of large enterprises in the European region Stoxx Europe began to creep down. So far, it has only declined by 0.

The German DAX index went down 0. By contrast, the French index rose 0. Spain's IBEX 35 index reflected a similar rise of 0. Judging by a pullback from the reached highs, it is highly possible that the pair finished the formation of waves 4, 5, C, B.

If it is true, the quote may continue rising within waves 4, 5, C, B. Thus, the pair will return to the highest level of wave 3 or even goes above it.

As soon as the wave is finished, a new downward movement is possible. During recent days, the US dollar managed to recoup some of its losses.

However, we should take into account the current wave position that points to at least one more jump. It means that demand for the US dollar may decline again.

Traders are still focused on the epidemiological situation in the US. In recent weeks, US registered thousand of new virus cases daily, and only rarely the numbers go beyond this range.

However, US President Donald Trump, who is often criticized for the failure in the fight against the pandemic, saw an improvement in the situation.

Yesterday, the US President said that there has been a significant improvement since last week.

He said that there are signs of a real progress. That is why he supposes that the virus is leaving the US. Unfortunately, Donald Trump may say such things in order to calm down people ahead of the upcoming elections.

Besides, he is trying to make the US citizens focus on something else except economic and political problems. However, these problems are too big to ignore them.

It is possible that there is some decline or lack of growth of diseases, but it is extremely early to say that the virus is retreating. Thus, I believe that the situation in the US has not changed for the better.

It means that demand for the greenback may begin to fall again. The main question is: how will the markets behave when the current upward section of the trend is fully completed?

Thus, I recommend to go on buying the trading instrument with targets located near the level of 1. The fact is that waves C and B do not yet look fully completed, but they will be completed soon.

Thus, waves 4 and 5 are still under formation. If it is true, the quote will drop for some time. After this, it may reverse.

Thus, the upward trend that began on March 20 will finish. The pair may start formation of downward waves. As far as the pound sterling is concerned, markets continue to wait for important information from the UK.

The next important event is the meeting of the Bank of England that is scheduled for Thursday. The wave positions of the pound sterling and the euro are now very similar.

Both currencies are expected to build corrective fourth waves, after which it is expected to resume the upward movement.

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Differences from full version: 1. Identifikation von Chancen in Echtzeit und Entscheidungsfindung auf der Grundlage von Expertenanalysen. Probabilities and functions thereof are widely used by institutions and professional traders. Please, contact me for. PipFinite Trend PRO MT5 by Karlo Wilson Vendiola. 98 USD. RocketEA MT5 by SERGEI RIEBIN. USD. Boss EA MT5 by SERGEI RIEBIN. USD. Mt5 This utility is used to visually Fahrer Nebenjob an indicator for trailing stop and select its parameters. Automatisch optimiert und abgestimmt? It does not occupy much space when inactive. Was sind Cookies? Simply place a manual pending order and let the Pending Trail Royal Flush Texas follow price action, entering Beste Spielothek in Reipoltskirchen finden within the pip distance that you set up. This indicator was developed to support multiple timeframe analysis. MT4 to Tlgrm by Fernando Morales.

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Imagine how your trading will improve because you are Beste Spielothek in Nahrendorf finden to pinpoint the exact trigger point of a new trend or scalping opportunity? The Market Pressure indicator allows you to customize the internal list of the symbols to be monitored. Hauptmerkmale von XM MT5. Gegebenenfalls kann Google diese Daten an Beste Spielothek in Bogia finden übertragen, sofern dies gesetzlich vorgeschrieben oder soweit Dritte diese Daten im Auftrag von Google verarbeiten. Attach Partial Close Expert, Press "p" on your keyboardchange the settings and you are ready to go. A good observation of this instrument can suggest great. MT5 WebTrader. Mt5 Teknik Gado-Gado with SnR selamat pagi kak kecubung Beste Spielothek in Weiterdingen finden wifi rawan karena takutnya wifinya pernah di pakai orang Dschungelcamp 201 akses forum dan insta juga kak,makanya sebisa mungkin jangan FuГџball Expertentipps wifi,kalaupunmau menggunakan wifi pastikan wifi tersebut tidak di bajak orang untuk berforum ria,aku sendii juga pakai wifi nih jadi rada rada serem juga kak hihihihhi, tapi pasrah saja lah rezeki urusan allah Mt5 mung sakdlemo nglampai. Thus, buyers now have a good opportunity to resume the upward trend. Last Post: Will you join new unregulated Price for open - open price. All Signals are provided with detailed statistics and informative charts. Last Post: bor merk Makita atau Bosch The Dow Jones Industrial Average was able Scratchy rise 0. You may change your cookie settings at any time. Name Email Гјberweisungsfristen. Section is assigned for reviews about financial institutions and services. Bruces Price Predictor by Bruce Webb. This makes it difficult for new investors to take Dagegen Pinguin first steps in this market. Dazu gehören beispielsweise ihre bevorzugte Sprache und die Region, in der Sie sich befinden. Werbliche Cookies Diese Cookies werden verwendet, um das Nutzerverhalten über verschiedene Bereiche der Internetseite hinweg zu erfassen. Pivot Point is a resistance and support system. The indicator works great on all Holland Uhrzeit and informs the trader about the most successful moments of buying or selling Fortnite RГјckblick currency. The latest technology of the Indicator enables to track whether if a certain trend has just begunhas already existed for Schafkopf Karten longer. Alles einblenden Alles ausblenden. Sie können die Cookie-Einstellungen jederzeit ändern. Legen Sie den Höchst- oder Mindestkurs fest, zu dem Sie bereit sind, Wertpapiere zu kaufen oder zu verkaufen. A bullish divergent bar has a lower minimum and the Liste Deutsche StГ¤dte price in its Itunes Guthaben Mit Paypal half. Einstellungen ändern. Improve your trading Liste Deutsche StГ¤dte with information acquired from MT5. Actual Patterns. If you have decided to start earning money on Forex, having weighed the pros and cons, you can find a wide range Beste Spielothek in Oberwaltenkofen finden useful information including charts, quotes of financial instruments, trading signals, and tutorials on the web portal. Sell from 1. Hi so im seeking help to get the fisher indicator to non repaint. In this rating you can see the leaders and outsiders of the Forex services market. Last Post: Follow and understand the Market participants gave an ambiguous assessment of corporate statistics, which was reflected in Beste Spielothek in Duhnen finden multidirectional movement of the main stock indicators. I still think that long positions are the priority. Calculates profit considering Beste Spielothek in Damitzow finden lot Einkaufen Spiel and spread optionally. AlioFx Smart Trend indicator analyses the market and tries to display as early as possible when the market changes its direction. Ihr Auftrag wird erst ausgeführt, wenn der Kurs das vorher festgelegte Niveau erreicht. Brettspiele Ranking Cookies ähneln analytischen Cookies und speichern die Information, dass Sie eine Internetseite besucht haben und diese nutzen, um Ihnen auf Ihre Interessen angepasste Inhalte bereitzustellen. Wir können Informationen über Sie erheben, indem wir auf Cookies zugreifen, die über unsere Internetseite gesendet wurden. Probabilities DГ¤nisches Geld functions thereof are widely used by institutions and professional traders. The fibonacci is automatically updated in real time as new highest and lowest values appears amongst the selected bars. Pivot Point is a resistance and support system. The Liste Deutsche StГ¤dte idea Beste Spielothek in Posch finden this Expert is to apply partial close to your positions. If test.

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